Here is The Car Maintenance Knowledge You Want to Know

Here is The Car Maintenance Knowledge You Want to Know

The following error maintenance methods are equivalent to destroying the car:

First, the waxing method

Many people habitually wax the body in a circle, which is not the right way. The correct way to wax is to use a straight line, alternating horizontal and vertical lines, and then waxing in the direction of rain. This will reduce the concentric circular aura on the painted surface.

Second, too much engine oil

When the oil in the engine oil sump is insufficient, the friction between the bearing and the journal will be aggravated, and even the burning shaft accident will be caused. At the same time, if there is too much oil, the crankshaft handle will produce strong agitation when the engine is working, which not only increases the internal power loss of the engine, but also increases the oil splashed on the cylinder wall, causing the engine oil failure.Therefore, the oil in the engine oil sump should be controlled between the oil slick and the lower scribe line.

Third, do not charge new batteries

The secondary charging that shortens the life of the battery is called initial charging, and the initial charging has a great influence on the service life of the battery. If you do not charge, add "water" to use directly, the capacity of the battery is not large, and the life will be shortened; if it is directly charged, it will shorten the life. Usually, the initial charge of the battery is installed after the filling of the electrolyte, and charging with a small current for about 1 hour.