Why use auto transmission flush machine?

Why use auto transmission flush machine?


1. similar to the way of changing engine oil, oil isdischarged and refilled by unscrewing the oil drain screw of the transmission.

2. directly remove the oil sump for oil discharge andinjection.

3. the more ...

There are three main ways to replace automatictransmission:

1.   similar to the way of changing engine oil, oil isdischarged and refilled by unscrewing the oil drain screw of the transmission.

2.   directly remove the oil sump for oil discharge andinjection.

3.   the more advanced transmission flush machine replace mentautomatic transmission oil.

The first two methods are widely used atpresent, because the price is cheap (less oil change), but there aredisadvantages, is that the traditional gravity oil change method cannot"completely" replace the transmission oil, and the cycle machine toreplace the automatic transmission oil is very good to fill this defect.


Is the transmission flush machine really work thatwell?

Automatic transmission development so far,the internal electronic and hydraulic control has become extremely complex, soregular maintenance of automatic transmission is particularly important.

Generally speaking, the term of automatictransmission oil replacement auto manufacturers are recommended in60,000-80,000 km or 2-3 years or so (4S stores will suggest shortening thereplacement mileage), some brands even proposed lifelong maintenance free.

But the maintenance proposal that originalfactory provides is to be based on many respects consideration, do not replaceoil of automatic transmission case in time to still can affect the performanceof the vehicle directly, fuel consumption is the service life of automatictransmission case even.

Manual oil discharge or removal of the oilsump of the transmission can only replace about 70% of the waste oil in thetransmission by unscreeching the oil discharge screw under the transmission,which is not only incomplete but also leads to the contamination of the newoil.

Why use equipment to change oil?

Maintenance shop is still using thetraditional manual oil change method for the owners of automatic transmissionoil.Although it is easy to operate and takes less time, it is not complete tochange the oil, and only two-thirds of the old oil can be removed at most.

This change of oil, although less oil,seems to be cheap, but on the one hand, the automatic transmission of metalimpurities and grease can not be discharged, is still in the gearbox,Will further aggravate automatic transmissionwear, On the other hand,new oil and old oil are mixed together, The technical parameters of oil products have been changed, Automatic transmissionoil service life and performance will be greatly reduced.

Amount of circulation, by contrast, oilchange,oil change machine first cycle cleaning the metal impurity in theautomatic transmission and oil dirties, reuse circulation oil change machinepressure, the transmission of oil in the lubricating oil pipe and heat pipe fordynamic change, the advantage of this approach is an oil change is complete,and can put the inside of the automatic transmission oil dirties and metalscrap clean, can be more thorough and efficient maintenance and automatictransmission.


             Before the oil change                                             After the oil change

In the process of cycle machine replacement, the alternation of old and new oil is just like doing hemodialysis. The alternation of old and new oil can be clearly seen through the window. The color of old oil window changes from dark black to red gradually until the color of old and new oil is consistent.