Details of Zeayeto oil changer

Details of Zeayeto oil changer

Details of Zeayeto oil changer

 Details of Zeayeto oil changer


High-precision weighing sensor metering, full intelligent computer board accurately controls the same amount of oil change, the internal modular design,the failure rate is extremely low, can automatically complete the gearbox cleaning in a short time, oil change, is the gearbox depth maintenance effective equipment.



1. Fully automatic cycle cleaning

2. Fully automatic equal exchange

3. Quantitatively add new oil

4. Quantitative recovery of used oil

5. Automatically empty new oil drums

6. Electronic scale one-button calibration

7. Manually empty old oil drums




The automatic gearbox cleaning equal oil changer uses two gravity sensors to weigh the weight of new and old oils, and then calculates the flow rate of the old oil, and then according to the flow rate of the old oil is adjusted by the computer chip to adjust the speed of the oil pump with the new oil, and the flow rate equal to that of the old oil is obtained. The replacement process continuously adjusts the speed of the new oil pump, the new oil is added to the transmission, and the operator setting is reached when the replacement is made. When the amount of oil is changed, the equipment replacement is completed, the new oil pump is stopped, and the automatic transmission oil path is automatically switched into the self-circulating condition.


Circulate replacement gearbox oil

Tradition gravity method for oil change


20 minutes

About 2 to 4 hours

The difference

The oil change rate is 99%, which can be cleaned without cleaning and thoroughly cleaned. Easy to operate.

Incomplete oil change, incomplete cleaning and possible damage to the gearbox during manual operate


One-time solution for cleaning and oil change

Oil, labor, cleaning fees


Products compared to peer advantage

1. Automatic identification of positive and negative power supply

2. Automatic identification of import and export oil

3. LCD display, user-friendly operation, convenient and practical

4. Electronic scale one-key calibration

5. Clean and change oil in short time

6. Filter design at the oil inlet

7. Automatic oil change function, can achieve a key automatic oil change.

8. Full intelligent computer board, imported electronic components, performance and stability.

9. Special customized quick connector, the first in the industry, long service life of high end quality.




Voltage: DC 12V

Pressure gauges:0-1.6Mpa

Oil drum: 20L*2

Maximum power:150W


Foam tube:2.5m

Return pipe: 2.5m

Gross weight:38kg


Net weight:30kg


The viscosity of the transmission oil will become thinner, the smoothing function will be reduced. the sealing function will be reduced, the resistance

 will be added and the wear will be added, resulting in unstable pressure, affecting the working accuracy of the hydraulic system, reducing the control 

accuracy of the transmission, reducing the shift accuracy, and smoothing. The response speed will be affected. Maintenance costs are expensive.


Working Principle



Are the transmission oil of your car healthy?


Note: The deeper the color, the more obvious the degree of oxidation and metamorphism, and the more impurities in the mud.


A special connector for most cars in the market, it is recommended to purchase and use the machine.(price is 500USD)




4S shops, car repair shops, auto care shops 

Huge space, washed how many times to return to the original, stable earned without loss


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