Details of Zeayeto injector cleaning detector

Details of Zeayeto injector cleaning detector

Details of Zeayeto injector cleaning detector

This equipment is an electromechanical integration product that combines ultrasonic cleaning technology with microprocessor oil pressure control cleaning detection technology. This equipment can simulate various working conditions of the engine and free cleaning of the fuel injector and fuel supply system.


1. Oil return quick connector

2. Oil quick connector

3. Inline oil separator assembly

4. Glass tube

5. Control panel(console)

6. Aviation outlet(pulse signal line socket)

7. Pressure gauge

8. Integrated power socket and fuse holder(with fuse inside)

9. Power switch

Product instructions and operating procedures and details in the manual.


Product corresponding function introduction


1. Ultrasonic cleaning

2. Uniformity/atomization detection function

3. Free cleaning function

4. Sealing test function

5. Fuel injection detection function

6. Automatic cleaning detection


Product Features

1. Ultrasonic strong cleaning technology, strong cleaning ability

2. It adopts microcomputer voltage regulation control technology, stable oil pressure and wide adjustable range. It can adapt to vehicles equipped with various gasoline injection systems and realize the automation of injector cleaning detection process.

3. The microcomputer automatic control and digital display technology can automatically control the cleaning and detection process and monitor the main status parameters in real time.

4. The oil drain automatic control technology is adopted and the automatic oil  discharge can be realized through the program in some test items. In the running or stop state, you can run the oil drain button on the control panel or [stop] the oil drain.

5. With user-friendly design, system operating pressure can be quickly restored to system defaults.


Product Parameters

Voltage:AC 220V±10%50Hz/60Hz

Host power:230W

Ultrasonic cleaning power:100W


Timing range:1-9999s

Pulse width range:0.5~25ms step 0.1ms

External magnetic field strength:<400A/m

Machine weight:27kg

Ambient temperature:-10~±40

Relative humidity:<85%

Analog detection speed range:10~9990rpm step 10rpm

Open fire is strictly prohibited within 2 meters



Efficient cleaning, quickly removes deposits and dirt from the injector.


Benefits:emission of exhaust gas, fuel economy and favorable service life of three-way catalytic converter, power, idling temperature, good start of cold car, etc.


Do not blindly clean the injectors, which may result in damage to parts and security risks.

How often do you clean the injector?

The normal driving mileage is over 80,000 kilometers.Disgnosed to confirm that the injector is not working properly.

No-clean cleaning of injector and fuel supply system.

The operation of dis-assembly and cleaning is very complicated and it is easy to cause oil leakage.


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