2019 New All-Round Engine Carbon Cleaning Suit

2019 New All-Round Engine Carbon Cleaning Suit


Our company determined to combine Hydrogen engine carbon cleaning machine with Chemicals engine carbon cleaning machine in order to clean the carbon much completely.

2019 New All-Round Engine Carbon Cleaning Suit
2019 New All-round Engine Carbon Cleaning Suit

Some customers of car care shops may be confused that what if the car owner doubt their cars are cleaned completely or not by the Hydrogen engine carbon cleaner. Obviously, most people all prefer to believe what they have seen the effects by the exhaust carbon from the escape-pipe. However, as we all known, the principle of Hydrogen and Oxygen engine carbon cleaner is to burn the carbon in the engine with Hydrogen and then become O2 and CO2, which is more environmental friendly. Therefore, the car owners may think they are cheated by the car care shops.

But now, that problem is not a problem any more. Our company pushed out a new engine carbon cleaning machine suit, which includes Hydrogen engine carbon cleaning machine(HO1500), Chemicals engine carbon cleaning machine(TD501), 4 kilograms electrolytes and 50 sets detergent. The reason why we combined this two machine is that the working principle, the operation way and the function of TD501 and HO1500 are different and it can make more profits for the user. HO1500 mainly clean some parts of Three-way catalytic and combustion chamber. The advantages of Hydrogen engine carbon cleaning machine are that there is no need to disassemble the engine when the user clean the engine carbon for car owners. And it is more protective for the car engine than the chemicals engine carbon cleaner. TD501 mainly clean intake, the carbon of fuel system and Three-way catalytic. However, it need to disassemble the engine to clean carbon, which is more complex but can clean the carbon much completely. Whats more, TD501 can help the mechanic show the effects of engine carbon cleaning by the machine to the car owner. Because after carbon cleaning by TD501, the engine carbon will come out with the cleaning agent and the mechanic also can use the endoscope of TD 501 showing the inner of engine parts whether were cleaned completely. Usually, using Hydrogen engine carbon cleaner to remove the carbon needs 20 minutes, but chemicals engine carbon cleaner need more than 40 minutes. Nevertheless, we need to face the reality that we need to clean the carbon completely for our customers. So we all know that how many engine parts need to be cleaned, which are valves, combustion chambers, fuel system(nozzles), Three-way catalytic, spark plugs and exhaust pipes(not in the engine but need to be cleaned)

However, at present, Hydrogen engine carbon cleaner can only clean the combustion chamber and parts of catalytic converter. And it is mainly used to remove the engine carbon in the combustion chamber. So we need to clean the other three parts of engines by the TD501(chemicals engine carbon cleaner).

Last but not least, the price is more competitive than you only buy one machine! If you only buy one HO1500, you should pay $3100, and you just can earn about $80 once. If you only buy one TD501, you need to pay $2400, and you just can earn about $90 once. If you buy the engine carbon cleaner suit, you just can take it by $5000, but HO1500+TD501=$5500, and you should buy the detergent additionally. But this suit includes  4kg electrolytes and 50 sets of chemicals for free. Besides, if you use this two machine to clean the engine carbon at the same time, you can get double profits about $170 once and make the engine carbon cleaning more professional.

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