How important to clean or test fuel injectors for cars?

How important to clean or test fuel injectors for cars?

How important to clean or test fuel injectors for cars?

How important to clean or test fuel injectors for cars?

1. The function of fuel injectors

 The healthy fuel injector plays an important role in car engines working. The main function of it is to supply fuels for engines regularly, which can keep car working smoothly. If the fuel injector have been blocked by carbon deposition, it will cause the engine cannot work regularly. And then when the car owner drive their cars, they will be angry with their cars bad performance. So maybe some people may confuse why the fuel nozzle are blocked by carbon deposit? How does the carbon deposit come into being?

2. Several reasons for fuel injectors occlusion

The first reason is that the fuel itself may cause the carbon deposit during burning in the engine. Because the fuel includes colloid and other impurities, and there are some dust entering the engine when driving, these deposits will become something like sludge in the fuel tank, oil inlet pipes and so on.

Secondly, the volatile ingredients of the fuel will form the dope like colloid and resinous surface, which will become hard carbon deposits in the fuel injector while burning.

Last but not least, due to the traffic jam becoming more and more serious, these carbon deposits will come into being easier when the car is usually at the idle and slow speed.

Therefore, if car owners are not aware of the harm of fuel injectors occlusion to their cars, finally the engine will not work any more and they should buy a new car. So how can we know when we should clean or test the fuel injector?

3. The time of cleaning or testing the fuel injector

Some people maybe do not know what their cars will become when the fuel injector was occluded by the carbon deposits. Usually the better fuel injector needs to be cleaned after 40-60 thousands mileage. Sometimes if your car jitter when you push one level to drive the car, there must be a little carbon deposits in your fuel injector. However, these a few carbon deposits are unable to affect the engine working. And they can be melted by high speed driving. So sometimes driving on the highway is a good way to prevent the carbon deposits produced. But when you cost more on engine oil than before, the exhaust is becoming more and more black or white, and your engine doesnt work regularly any more, then you should clean the fuel injector. Then you can send your car to the car care shop, they may directly fix the car for you. 

4. The damage of fuel injectors occlusion

Some people will ignore the fuel injector occlusion, and most of them will choose to replace new fuel injectors for cars. But once you need to replace four to six fuel injectors, and it cost about $400 for one time. The other will choose to ignore the problem and continue driving their cars. After a long time, the carbon deposits will be in the intake valve and cause air pollution. Besides, Due to poor fuel, the injector does not work well, causing serious carbon accumulation in the cylinder; the cylinder and piston ring accelerate wear, resulting in unstable idle speed, increased fuel consumption, accelerated acceleration, difficulty in starting and excessive discharge, and severely blocked the spray. Finally the engine is unable to work.

5. The way to test and clean the fuel injector

A. Cleaning agent

Most car repair shops will take the fuel injector down and use the cleaning agent to clean it. But it is complex and may damage the fuel nuzzles for the chemicals ingredients.

B. The fuel injector testing and cleaning machine

At present, this machine is popular for its convenience and time saving even though you need to take the fuel injector down. But you just need to put the injector in the machine, then you can test it and clean it when there are some problems. You also can use the ultrasonic to clean the fuel injector with the machine. When testing, you can see the situation of the fuel injector.