New generation car coolant exchange machine.

New generation car coolant exchange machine.


Cooling system is also important to the car. The coolant exchanger can help clean and change the coolant easily.

New generation car coolant exchange machine.

Why use a cooling system cleaner?

According to the engine maintenance regulations, the antifreeze should be replaced when the car is driven for 20,000 kilometers or one year. Because engine coolant system will deteriorate over time, it will not cool the engine well, which will affect engine life and other issues. CFC-401 engine cooling system oil changer, cycle cleaning and dynamic replacement cooling Liquid, solves the inconvenience of manual liquid change.

CFC-401 is a cabinet structure with handles on the top and brake casters on the bottom. It is very convenient to move and fix. The liquid pipe uses a quick connector, which is quick to disassemble and assemble, and the operation panel is simple and clear, which makes your operation more convenient.


main feature:

● Dynamic filtration cycle cleaning cooling line

● Automatic identification of positive and negative power supplies

● New and old oil drum level visual contrast capacity

● Fuel port with filter design

● Solve the problem of time-consuming and incomplete problems when manually replacing the coolant

● Improve the working environment of the engine

● Extend the service life of the cooling system

The main function


Cooling system cleaning function

● Replace the coolant function

● Recycling coolant function

● Cleaning the cooling system piping function



Steps to replace the coolant:

(1) Turn the recovery switch on the panel of the device to the "on" position and wait until there is no liquid pumping device (sucking the engine end liquid).

(2) Exchange the filling pipe and the return pipe position, use the recycling function again, and wait until there is no liquid pumping device (liquid at the pumping tank end).

(3) Exchange the position of the filling pipe and the recovery pipe so that the filling pipe is aligned with the engine end, and the liquid return pipe is aligned with the water tank end.

(4) Open the recovery switch and vacuum the cooling system to see that the engine direction pipe is flat.

(5) The device filling function, after 20 seconds, release the water tank suction pipe (or open the water tank filling port), the recovery switch is driven to the 1/3 position, and the recovery switch is turned off 10 seconds before the filling work is completed.

(6) It can be seen that there is a new coolant overflowing from the tank filling port to stop the filling work and disconnect the device from the car.

(7) Restore the original connection status of the car.

(8) The car is ignited and idling, checking whether the car is abnormal.

(9) Fill the auxiliary tank with the required amount of coolant.

Note: If you need to use the product to clean the cooling system, first use the equipment to recover a certain amount of coolant, add the corresponding amount of cleaning machine, and drive to clean.

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