What happens to the injector failure?

What happens to the injector failure?


It mainly talked about the principle of fuel injectors and performances of injectors faults. When the fuel injector works not well any more, the fuel injector cleaner and tester can easily help you out.

What happens to the injector failure?

What happens to the injector failure?

The principle of the injector

The injector is actually a simple solenoid valve. When the solenoid is energized, the suction is generated. The needle valve is sucked up, the nozzle is opened, and the fuel is ejected at a high speed through the annular gap between the needle of the needle head and the nozzle. It forms a mist, which is good for burning.

The injector is a precision device with very high processing precision, which requires a large dynamic flow range, strong anti-blocking and anti-pollution ability and good atomization performance. When the injector is broken, the injector may be blocked, unable to open, and the fuel injected may not form a mist; when the injector sends a drip failure, the fuel consumption is increased; when the injector control circuit sends a short circuit or an open circuit Will cause the engine to fail to operate.


What are the injector faults?

1. Low injection pressure

2. Fuel injection is not atomized

3. Uneven oil injection in each oil hole

4. Injector drip

5. The nozzle is blocked

What are the specific performances of car injector failures?

1. Exhaust pipe emits black smoke

2. Each cylinder works unevenly, and the engine produces obvious vibration.

3. Engine power drops

4. The vehicle is running weak

Judging the failure of the engine injector: The engine is idling, and the oil cut test is performed on each cylinder in turn. When a cylinder injector stops supplying oil, pay attention to the operation of the engine. It is judged whether it is a nozzle failure according to the detection condition after the oil is cut off. If it is, it needs to be disassembled to carry out further testing.

It can be seen that the detection and cleaning of the injector is an important work .


Injector cleaning tester machine

Injector cleaning detector refers to the instrument for cleaning and detecting the fuel injector of the automobile. It generally adopts ultrasonic cleaning technology and microprocessor oil pressure control cleaning detection technology to simulate various working conditions of the engine and spray on the automobile. The nozzle is cleaned and tested, and the fuel supply system can be cleaned free of charge.

The ability to remove carbon deposits in 20 minutes is worth having.


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