LS-302 Grey Automotive engine lubrication system cleaning machine

Group Auto engine lubrication system cleaning machine
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2019-05-10
Item specifics
VoltageDC 12V
Warranty12 months
CertificatesCE, Rosh

LS-302 Engine Lubrication System Cleaner is used for cleaning the engine lubrication system and changing the engine oil for the auto. It only need one person to set the parameters for starting the machine. During the work, it is controlled by the smart computer board. It is easier than the traditional way to change the engine oil and clean the engine lubrication system.

LS-302 Grey  Automotive engine lubrication system cleaning machine

Why choose us?

Why should change the engine oil for cars?

The centrifugal oil filter and the full-flow paper oil filter installed in the general automobile engine better maintain the good quality of the oil. But the mileage of the vehicle increasing resulted in reducing the filtration capacity of the engine oil filter gradually. The fuel not burned completed, water, combustion products (such as carbon deposits, coke) accumulated in the lubricating oil, the oxidation products of the lubricating oil (colloids, asphalt, various acids, etc.), sand, dust, Black and non-ferrous metals wear more and more particles. The gel deposited on the top of the combustion chamber and the piston can form carbon deposits and cause abnormal combustion of the engine. The piston ring and the valve stem are glued, which will cause these parts to stick and stick, which aggravates the wear of various parts of the engine.

Product Parameters

Voltage:DC12VPressure gauges: 0-1.6MpaFilter accuracy: 5μmMaximum power: 150W
Tubing:2*2.5 mNet weight: 35kgGross weight:40kgDimensions: 430mm*400mm*1000mm


1. Big depending on the window       2.Pressure gauge                    3.The old and new tubing


4.Discharge pipe and return pipe frame           5.panel                                 6.wheels                    

Product Function

1. No need to disassemble the engine lubrication system

2. Changing the engine oil

3. Cleaning the engine lubrication system

4. Smart operation

Applied to 4S shop and car care equipment centers

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