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CE Changing Oil Fluid Transmission Flush Exchange Machine

Group Transmission Flush Machine
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Update Time 2020-04-02
Item specifics
Product NameTransmission flush machine
Model numberATF8100
ApplificationAuto gearbox
UsageGearbox fluid exchanging
Power150 W
Input voltageDC 12V
Gross Weight50 KG
Warranty1 Year

Transmission Fluid Flush Exchange Machine For Changing Transmission Oil With CE

Product Description:

The replacement process of the transmission continuously adjusts the speed of the new oil pump, the new oil is added to the transmission, and the operator setting is reached when the replacement is made. When the amount of oil is changed, the equipment replacement is completed, the new oil pump is stopped, and the automatic transmission oil path is automatically switched into the self-circulating condition.

Technological Parameters:



Working pressure

0-1.6 Mpa

Filter accuracy


Gross weight


Maximum power


Oil drum


Oil tube

2.5 m



Package dimension


Why change gearbox oil?

The viscosity of the transmission used for a long time will become thinner, resulting in a decrease in lubrication performance, a decrease in sealing performance, an increase in resistance and increased wear, resulting in unstable pressure and affecting the working accuracy of the hydraulic system. Shortening of oil and transmission component life.

Working principle:

The automatic gearbox cleaning equal oil changer uses two gravity sensors to weigh the weight of new and old oils, and then calculates the flow rate of new and old oils according to the unit time, first calculates the flow rate of the old oil, and then according to The flow rate of the old oil is adjusted by the computer chip to adjust the speed of the oil pump with the new oil, and the flow rate equal to that of the old oil is obtained.



Transmission intelligent oil changer

1. Fully automatic cycle cleaning

2. Fully automatic equal exchange

3. Quantitatively add new oil

4. Quantitative recovery of used oil



1. Built-in oil filter, 99% sludge and impurities are filtered in transmission system

2. Connectors cover 99% models of cars

3. Electronic scale one-button calibration function

4.Identify positive and negative power supply, oil out and in direction automatically



Compared with traditional methods:


Auto Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine

Traditional method of gravity fluid exchange


20-30 minutes

60-90 minutes


Exchange 98% old oil

Exchange 48% old oil


Flush and fluid exchange available

Only fluid exchange


Oil, cleaning fees

Oil, labor,cleaning fees