Vehicle Engine Decarbonization Catalytic Carbon Cleaning Machine For Gasoline Cars

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Update Time 2020-01-13
Item specifics
ApplicationAuto engines
Usagegasoline engine carbon cleaning
CertificationCE Rosh
Warranty12 months
voltageDC 12V

Vehicle Engine Decarbonization Catalytic Carbon Cleaning Machine For Gasoline Cars

The seven-in-one multi-function carbon cleaning machine integrates various functions such as engine intake system, fuel system, combustion chamber and three-way catalytic converter cleaning. Equipped with the HD display and the cleaning effect is clearly visible.

Product Specification:

Model Number



DC 12V

Rated Power


Working Pressure

0-1.6 Mpa





Package Dimension


Ambient temperature range


Endoscope Pixel

1.3 millions


Why should do carbon cleaning for cars?

1.There are many reasons for increased carbon deposits: incomplete combustion, poor oil quality, bad driving habit, low speed driving for a long time, poor air quality, etc.

2.The carbon deposit will seriously make the whole fuel system work difficultly, affecting the fuel physicochemical effect, and the carbon deposit on the inner wall of the combustion chamber will also absorb part of the gasoline, which will lead to a increase in fuel consumption and structural damage.

3.The carbon deposits causes ‘engine trembling, cold start failure, driving weakness, fuel oil consumption increased, exhaust emissions exceeded the standard’ and other failure.


1.The first innovation in China, both water based and oil based cleaning agent for Three way catalytic converter can be used

2.Can clean five parts of the engine system

3.Equipped with HD display and endoscope, the cleaning effect is clear

4.Small and exquisite design with light weight for more convenient operation

5.After carbon removal ,20% engine power is increased and 70% pollution is reduced

The solution of reducing the exhaust emission:

The best solution is engine carbon cleaning.

When there are some carbon deposits increased in the car engine, especially in the three way catalytic converter, the harmful and other substance cannot be filtered and exhausted directly. Therefore, during the daily, we can usually see the white, black and blue exhaust emission, which shows that there is something wrong in the engine system. If the car owner don’t solve this problem, then the exhaust emission of their cars will not meet the requirement of air standard. Therefore, the engine carbon cleaning, especially three way catalytic, is important to reduce the exhaust emission.

How to clean your catalytic converter?

The most expensive option is the outright replacement of the part. This is what most mechanics will propose. The price of the component varies according to brand and engine type, but the average is between $370 and $745.
The moderately expensive option, which requires a bit more time and some mechanical experience, is the complete removal of the catalytic converter in order to replace it with a straight pipe. A straight pipe is a piece of metal pipe that replaces the catalytic converter of a vehicle, but does not treat the exhaust gas to protect the environment. The main motivation behind the installation of a straight pipe is to boost performance. Indeed, the catalytic converter, whose aim is to reduce exhaust pollution, does result in a small loss of speed and recovery. If it becomes necessary to replace the catalytic converter, the straight pipe is a cheap, although environmentally harmful, alternative.
The least expensive option, with no need to dismantle the catalytic converter, just needs a machine and a bottle cleaning agent. Our engine carbon cleaning machine clean the converter completely and the effect can be visible for there is some dirt outlet from the exhaust pipe after cleaning.

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