Common rail injector tester fuel injector clean machine

Group Injector Cleaner & Tester
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Update Time 2019-07-17
Item specifics
ApplicationCar injector
UsageInjector cleaning & testing
Warranty1 Year
Input voltageAC 220V
Gross weight27 KG

Common rail injector tester fuel injector clean machine

Why is the fuel injector dirty?

The fuel injector is an engine component located at the cylinder opening or in the inlet manifold. It is a small nozzle into which liquid fuel is injected under high pressure. It works like a nozzle of a high pressure cleaner that injects gasoline into the cylinder through high pressure. Each injector corresponds to a cylinder, from which injector is ejected, and which cylinder the oil enters. If one of the injectors is clogged, the cylinder will not receive the oil and the friction will cause the cylinder to be damaged.



Ultrasonic power



1 year

Relative humidity


Intensity of outer magnetic field




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1. It Only needs 20 minutes to clean carbon deposit.

2. Obvious effects after cleaning the carbon, and satisfied customers 100%.

3. Improve cars' performance,after cleaning carbon, oil consumption,  be reduced, and 20% of power improved.

4. After the cleaning test, the injector will not be damaged, and the integrity of the injector will be guaranteed.


1. What is the machine operating mode function?

Check injector seal and spray performance as well as ultrasonic cleaning.

2. How long does it take to clean the inspection process?

The whole process lasts about 20 minutes.

3. Which models are suitable for?

Suitable for all petrol vehicles

4. Are there any special requirements for the working environment?

Open fire is strictly prohibited within two meters of the working environment