The best fuel injector cleaner gasoline nozzles tester

Group Injector Cleaner & Tester
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Update Time 2019-07-17
Item specifics
ApplicationCar injector
UsageInjector cleaning & testing
Warranty1 Year
Input voltageAC 220V
Gross weight27 KG

The best fuel injector cleaner gasoline nozzles tester


The device is user-friendly, small in size, light in weight and easy to move. The application of automatic oil drain control technology. Ordinary upper pressure plates can only be used in a small number of models, and we use side pressure plates, which can be applied to most models on the market without additional purchase.


Time saving

It Only needs 20 minutes to clean carbon deposit.


Obvious effects after cleaning the carbon, and satisfied customers 100%.

Wide usage

A wide scope for vehicles


It can clean and test injector at same time


Improve cars' performance,after cleaning carbon, oil consumption,  be reduced, and 20% of power improved.


Guarantee 100% safety for using the machine.


There do no harm to nozzle.


1. Fuel injection detection function: It can detect the fuel injection amount of the injector under the condition of 15 seconds of normal spray.

2. Automatic cleaning detection function: Under the specific working condition parameters, the real simulated injector is tested under various working conditions.

3. Free cleaning function: With a variety of non-removable cleaning joints, it can be used for cleaning and maintenance of various models.

Our support

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1. Provide product information

2. Product operation guide

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4. 1 year maintenance guarantee

Agency support:

1. Free maintenance

2. Provide technical support

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Ultrasonic cleaning steps:

1. Turn on the ultrasonic cleaner power supply

2. Place the externally cleaned injector on the cleaning bracket in the cleaning tank

3. Pour the right amount of cleaning solution into the ultrasonic cleaner

4. Select Ultrasonic Cleaning in the control panel to set the time.

Reverse flush

Injector Cleaner& Tester can also perform reverse flush by connecting with flush-back    adaptor at [Uniformity/Sprayability test] mode. Reverse flush is a way to clean the injectors with the test liquid flowing from the outlet to the inlet of the injector. Reverse flush may remove the dirt inside the injector or the injector Strainer(0nly for the top fuel supply injector).


1. The system pressure can be adjusted by pressing [reduce pressure]/[boost pressure] key when performing reverse flush.

2. It is advisable to press[Drain] key to avoid spillover of test liquid during reverse flush.