The Best CE Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaning 220V Fuel Injector Additives Cleaning Machine

Group Injector Cleaner & Tester
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Update Time 2019-06-12
Item specifics
ApplicationCar injector
UsageInjector cleaning & testing
Warranty1 Year
Input voltageAC 220V
Gross weight27 KG

The Best CE Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaning 220V Fuel Injector Additives Cleaning Machine


When the quality of gasoline is poor or the vehicle is running for a long time, if the injector is not cleaned for a long time, the clogging phenomenon will be more serious, causing poor engine fuel injection, poor fuel injection angle and atomization, resulting in engine idling and acceleration. In the case of full-load working conditions, the engine power is reduced, the fuel consumption is increased, the pollution is increased, and the engine is not working. Therefore, the injector should be carefully cleaned regularly to ensure it works well.


1) Remove the injector from the vehicle engine to check the o-rings inside for damage. Replace the damaged 0-ring with another same type 0-ring to avoid leakage during testing. Put the outside of injectors in gasoline or detergent, and wipe them with soft cloth after cleaning the outside oil sludge carefully.

2)Check the liquid level and refill test liquid when necessary. Fil1 the test liquid through the filler on the side of the unit and observe the liquid level in the fuel level viewer. In most cases, filled the liquid up to1/2 of the tank capacity.

3) Turn on the power switch on the right of the Cabinet.

4)Fill ultrasonic detergent into the ultrasonic cleaning launder so that the needle valve of the injector is covered by the detergent.

5) Connect the injectors with the right couplers.

Note:Test liquid and detergent are provided by user self. The test liquid is used for uniformity/sprayability test, leakage test, injecting flow test and Automatic Test. The mixture of fuel and detergent is used in on-vehicle cleaning. The ultrasonic cleaning uses special injector detergent.



Product name

Injector cleaner and tester machine


AC 220V±10%



Relative humidity


Net Weight


Ambient temperature range





1. Ultrasonic cleaning

2. Sealing testing 

3. Free cleaning

4. Uniformity/atomization detection

5. Fuel injection detection

6. With user-friendly design, system operating pressure can be quickly restored to system defaults.

Hazard of carbon deposit in injector:

Sediment can block the needle valve and valve hole of the injector, affecting the working performance of the precision components of the electronic injection system, resulting in a decrease in power performance; the deposit will form carbon deposits in the intake valve, causing it to be closed tightly, resulting in engine idle speed. Stable, increased fuel consumption and accompanied by deterioration of exhaust emissions; deposits will form hard carbon deposits on the piston crown and cylinder head. Due to the high heat capacity of the carbon deposits, the thermal conductivity is poor, which may cause engine crashes and other failures. In addition, the life of the three-way catalyst is shortened.


1. It is more efficient to clean and remove carbon through new technology.

2. Compared with other manual methods, the operation is more convenient, only 20-30 minutes.

3. Three modes of operation make cleaning easier.

4. Improve car performance, increase engine power by 20%, and reduce pollution by 72%.

5. Ensure that the machine is 100% safe.

6. No damage to the injector.

7. After cleaning carbon deposits, fuel consumption is reduced and 20% of engine power is improved.