Automotive Engine Brake System Cleaning And Engine Brake Fluid Changing Machine

Group Brake System Flush Machine
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Update Time 2019-06-12
Item specifics
Product NameBrake system flush machine
ApplicationCar brake system
Usagebrake fluid changing
VoltageDC 12V
CertificatesCE, Rosh
Warranty12 months

Automotive Engine Brake System Cleaning And Engine Brake Fluid Changing Machine


The device is controlled by a fully intelligent computer board and is equivalent to oil change. One person operates, four wheels change oil at the same time, can quickly complete the oil change work, saving time and effort. The traditional manual oil change method requires two people to operate at the same time. One person continues to brake the brakes, squeezes the brake oil out, and the other waits for the oil to drain. This method is extremely easy to introduce air, which is time consuming and laborious.


Automobile brake oil automatic oil change machine

1. This type of work can be done in a single operation, saving time and labor, and is suitable for all ABS anti-lock devices and hydraulic clutches;

2. With automatic power-on prompt, low oil automatic alarm function;

3. Can store 8 liters of liquid, eliminating the need to add multiple liquid replacement processes;

4. The brake system can be sealed and tested to ensure the safety of the vehicle;








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The difference between oil changer and manual method:

1. When the machine changes oil and saves time, the oil change operation can be completed in about 20 minutes.

2. The machine can replace four wheels at a time, and the labor needs one for one.

3. The machine changes oil to isolate the air, and the brake oil is most afraid of entering the air.

4. The machine adopts dynamic circulation cleaning, and the oil change is more thorough.