Zeayeto FIC-601 Fuel Injector Cleaning And Testing Machine Red With Design Patent

Group Injector Cleaner & Tester
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Update Time 2019-06-12
Item specifics
ApplicationCar injector
UsageInjector cleaning & testing
Warranty1 Year
Input voltageAC 220V
Gross weight27 KG

Zeayeto FIC-601 Fuel Injector Cleaning And Testing Machine Red With Design Patent


As one of the key components of the EFI(electyonic fuel injection) engine, its operation will seriously affect the performance of the engine. The value of the injector is considered to be expensive, and most people will not easily replace it. So all of them will increase the number of maintenance of the injector. Therefore, it is essential to clean and inspect the injector.


1. Positive cleaning function: 4 or 6 nozzles can be cleaned in the forward direction at the same time.

2. Reverse cleaning function: Reverse cleaning of 4 or 6 injectors at the same time.

3. Ultrasonic cleaning function: powerful ultrasonic cleaning technology can completely remove the carbon deposit on the injector.

4. Atomization test function: Use the backlight to thoroughly observe the spray atomization of the injector.

5. Uniformity test function: Detect the uniformity of the fuel injection amount of each injector.

Why should do fuel injector cleaning for engines?

Poor fuel can cause the injector to work poorly, causing serious carbon accumulation in the cylinder, accelerating wear of the cylinder and piston ring, resulting in unstable idle speed,  increased fuel consumption, accelerated acceleration, difficulty in starting and excessive  discharge; severely blocked spray. The nozzle is damaged and the engine is damaged.





Host power


Ultrasonic cleaning power




Timing range


Pulse width range

0. 5-25ms Step 0.1ms

Machine weight


Relative humidity


Analog detection speed range

10-9990rpm step 10pm

Cleaning&testing sequences

A complete cleaning and testing sequence shown below should be followed:

1. Ultrasonic cleaning;

2. Uniformity/Sprayability test;

3. Leakage test;

4. Injecting flow test;

5. Automatic test.

Select the corresponding parameter and set up according for various tests. For detailed operations, please refer to “0peration” part.


1. What are the main features of this product?

Ultrasonic cleaning technology, strong cleaning ability;

Microcomputer pressure control technology, stable oil pressure, wide adjustable range;

Fully automatic control of cleaning detection process.

2. What are the main functions?

Ultrasonic cleaning;

Uniformity/atomization detection function;

Sealing detection function;

Automatic cleaning detection;

Free cleaning function.

3. What is the machine operating mode function?

Check injector seal and spray performance as well as ultrasonic cleaning.