Car Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine For Diesel Vehicles Engine Deposits Clean

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Update Time 2019-10-18
Item specifics
ApplicationAuto engines
Usageauto engine
Warranty1 Year
Gas production1500L/h(adjustable)

Car Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine For Diesel Vehicles Engine Deposits Clean

Environment friendly working Principle of HHO:

1. Take use of electrolytes instead of chemical cleaning agent to support carbon cleaning.

2. Produce the mixture gas of Oxygen and Hydrogen( Called Browns gas) by the hydrogen generator.

3. The machine will sent the Browns Gas into the engine system in vacuum condition.

4. The Browns Gas burn with the carbon deposit in the engine.

5. The carbon deposit melted by the high temperature during the combustion of Hydrogen and carbon.

6. Finally, the melted carbon will be mixed with the steam outlet through the exhaust pipe.


Product parameter:

Model Number



 AC 110V single phase



Rated Power


Gas Output

 1500L/h ±10%

Working Pressure

 0.2 Mpa

Water consumption






Package Dimension


Ambient temperature range








Why cleaning carbon?

1. The carbon deposits causes ‘engine trembling, cold start failure, driving weakness, fuel oil consumption increased, exhaust emissions exceeded the standard’ and other failure.

2. The increased carbon deposits in the engine will severely affect the car performance, especially the engine power will decrease about 20% and there will appear the engine jitter while driving at idling speed.

3. Air pollution is one of the most serious problem we need to solve now. However, carbon deposits will make the catalytic converter cannot filter the harmful substance and they will exhaust through the pipe and cause air pollution.

4. Carbon cleaning can help restore the good car performance.


Customer service:

1. OEM/ODM Service, affix the logo of customer and design by the technical drawing.

2. 24 Hours Online Service, solving the problem in time.

3. Remote Technical Support for car maintenance.

4. Technical Training Service

5. Operation Manual & Video Service

6. Visit Factory Service

Product Introduction:

HHO Carbon cleaning machine is developed by our own factory, which is used for vehicles engine carbon cleaning. OEM or ODM can be supported if there is a need. It is suitable for all kind s of car care shops and business men. Hydrogen carbon cleaner can not only remove the carbon for the gasoline vehicles like cars, but also can serve for the diesel vehicles like buses and trucks. While cleaning cars, the best choice of operation mode is the negative pressure mode for the most convenient operation. And for the diesel vehicles, there may no intake manifold, so we need to select the vibration mode. The manual mode is not suggested, because it needs the professional person to control the working process.

Advantages of HHO carbon cleaner:

1. No need to add chemical cleaning agent so that can protect the environment and will not damage the engine for the gas output control.

2. HD touch screen convenience the operation and the automatic modes can achieve cleaning carbon by ‘one key, one person’.

3. It Only needs 20 minutes to clean engine carbon.

4. One machine can serve for both petrol and diesel vehicles. A wide scope for vehicles: cars, SUV, Business cars, buses, trucks, etc. 

5. Guarantee 100% safety for using the machine.(Automotive negative pressure alarm device)