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Car Catalytic Converter Cleaning Equipment Engine Carbon Clean Machine

Group Car Carbon Cleaner Machine
Min. Order 1 set
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Update Time 2020-03-30
Item specifics
ApplicationAuto engines
Usagegasoline engine carbon cleaning
CertificationCE Rosh
Warranty12 months
voltageDC 12V

Car Catalytic Converter Engine Carbon Clean Machine Combustion Chamber Cleaning Equipment

Product Introduction:

The model TD-501 Engine carbon Cleaning Machine developed by our company, combining with the most effective carbon remover, is the best machine to dislodge the engine fouling. It can be combined with regular vehicle maintenance and special carbon removal repairs and no need to disassemble the engine. The engine fuel supply pipe can be connected by a connector. Plug the engine back into the pipe with a plug, and then add a fixed fuel mixture decarbonizer, and allow the decarburizer to enter the engine fuel system under normal operating conditions. Carbon sludge, colloid and lacquer contaminants from injector needle valves and fuel chamber components can be dissolved within 30 minutes. And the fouling can be released by the vehicle emission system through the cyclic decomposition process, which can make the performance of the vehicle restored as a new car, and the vehicle starts smoothly, the refueling become light, the horsepower is increased, and the effect of saving fuel and reducing air pollution have achieved.


Model Number



DC 12V

Rated Power


Working Pressure

0-1.6 Mpa





Package Dimension


Ambient temperature range


What is Carbon Cleaning service ?

The Carbon Cleaning,Keep Your Engine Clean,With the Car Carbon Cleaning Machine, you can extend the life of your engine without the need to replace expensive parts.
Thanks to years of development implementing the latest in technological advancements, we can improve fuel consumption up to 10% and restore your vehicle to its peak performance in only 30 minutes!

Carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and valve:

Under the control characteristics of the EFI engine, the cylinder is injected and re-ignited every time the cylinder is operated. When the engine is extinguished, the ignition is cut off immediately, but the gasoline sprayed in this working cycle cannot be recovered. It can only be attached to the intake valve and the combustion chamber wall. The gasoline is easy to volatilize, but the wax and the gelatin in the gasoline are left. In the long run, the wax and the gelatin in the gasoline accumulate thicker and thicker. Hardening forms carbon deposits. If the engine burns oil, or if the injected gasoline is of poor quality, the valve carbon deposit is more serious and the formation speed is faster. Since the carbon deposit structure is similar to a sponge, when the valve forms carbon deposit, a part of the fuel injected into the cylinder will be adsorbed, so that the concentration of the mixture actually entering the cylinder becomes lean, resulting in poor engine operation, difficulty in starting, and idle speed. Abnormal phenomena such as stability, poor acceleration, rapid fueling and tempering, excessive exhaust gas, and increased fuel consumption. If it is serious, the valve will not be closed tightly, so that a cylinder will not work completely because there is no cylinder pressure, and even the valve will not be returned. At this point, the valve and the piston will have motion interference, which will eventually damage the engine.

Function and feature:

The main function of engine carbon cleaning machine is that improving the car performance through cleaning carbon deposit in the engine. And the biggest feature is that it can clean five parts of engines, especially the three way catalytic converter.  After carbon removal ,20% engine power is increased, 70% pollution is reduced, the engine noise is decreased, oil consumption is reduced. Prolong the engine’s lifetime after cleaning carbon deposits thoroughly. Besides, the effect can be visible by the endoscope with 1.3 millions of pixel, which can help to promote this project to the customer easily.


1. What effect can the car achieve after cleaning with TD-501?

After cleaning, the vehicle's power is improved, the idle speed is stable, the start is smooth, the fuel consumption is reduced, the exhaust emissions are more environmentally friendly, and the performance is restored as new.

2. What is the working principle of TD-501?

Our cleaning agent is matched with the machine, and the organic solvent is mixed with the carbon in the car to achieve the effect of removing carbon from the car.

3. What’s the main features of TD-501?

The device is small in size and easy to operate; it is the first in China, and one machine can be used for oil and water catalytic converter cleaning.

4. What are the precautions for using the machine?

Open fire is strictly prohibited within two meters.

5. What is the biggest feature of TD-501?

It has catalytic converter cleaning function not available in other similar products.