OEM Factory Gasoline Injector Tester And Cleaner Ultrasonic Injector Cleaner

Group Injector Cleaner & Tester
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Update Time 2019-06-25
Item specifics
ApplicationCar injector
UsageInjector cleaning & testing
Warranty1 Year
Input voltageAC 220V
Gross weight27 KG

OEM Factory Gasoline Injector Tester And Cleaner Ultrasonic Injector Cleaner


When the quality of gasoline is poor or the vehicle is running for a long time, if the injector is not cleaned for a long time, the clogging phenomenon will be more serious, causing poor engine fuel injection, poor fuel injection angle and atomization, resulting in engine idling and acceleration. In the case of full-load working conditions, the engine power is reduced, the fuel consumption is increased, the pollution is increased, and the engine is not working. Therefore, the injector should be carefully cleaned regularly to ensure it works well.


Model Number



AC 220V±10%



Relative humidity


Net Weight


Ambient temperature range





1. Sealing test function: It can detect the sealing and dripping of the injector under system pressure.

2. Fuel injection detection: It can detect the fuel injection amount of the fuel injector within the set time.

3. Automatic cleaning detection function: Under the specific working condition parameters, the real simulation of the injector is tested under various working conditions.

4. Fuel system free cleaning and cleaning function: With a variety of non-removable cleaning joints, it can be used for cleaning and maintenance of various models.

Compared with traditional methods

The traditional nozzle cleaning device uses a "slinging bottle" method to clean the injector. This method does not visually see the cleaning effect, and it has only a cleaning function and no detection function. Time-consuming and labor-intensive. A new generation of injector inspection and cleaning machines, integrated detection and cleaning, can more intuitively observe the cleaning effect.

Working principle

Through the set pressure value, the oil in the oil pump is supplied to the fuel injection nozzle through the oil-distributing pump, and then the fuel injector sprays the oil into the vector cup, and the performance of the fuel injector can be detected by watching the measuring cup. Simulate the working condition of the injector when the car is working. Image and visualization.

Reverse flush

Injector Cleaner& Tester can also perform reverse flush by connecting with flush-back    adaptor at [Uniformity/Sprayability test] mode. Reverse flush is a way to clean the injectors with the test liquid flowing from the outlet to the inlet of the injector. Reverse flush may remove the dirt inside the injector or the injector Strainer(0nly for the top fuel supply injector).


1. The system pressure can be adjusted by pressing [reduce pressure]/[boost pressure] key when performing reverse flush.

2. It is advisable to press[Drain] key to avoid spillover of test liquid during reverse flush.