Best Engine Flush Machine For Lubricant Exchanged DC 12V Oil Cleaner

Group lubricant system flush machine
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Update Time 2020-01-13
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VoltageDC 12V
Gross weight40kg
Warranty12 months
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Best Engine Flush Machine For Lubricant Exchanged DC 12V Oil Cleaner


The engine lubrication system is a free-disassembly equipment. The cleaning fluid is driven into the engine oil pump inlet by the pressure. The lubricating oil circuit is circulated and flushed as the internal oil flows. During the flushing process, the sludge and carbon deposit inside the engine are dissolved and finally reaches the oil sump. Then use the oil return line of the cleaning machine to extract the waste oil, and remove the metal, sludge, impurities, etc. through the external high-precision filter cotton.


Product name

Engine flush machine

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DC 12V





Pressure gauge


Filter accuracy




Oil tube




Why should change the lubricant?

Although the interior of the car is equipped with an air intake system filter, it can be isolated for most of the air impurities, but many air dusts will enter the engine and participate in combustion due to their low density. However, some of them will enter various systems such as lubrication.

In addition, in the combustion chamber, the piston ring generates a large amount of powdery black deposits due to insufficient combustion of the fuel and the oil. However, these materials increase the wear of the piston and some of the carbon deposits enter the lubrication system.

The various impurities in the lubrication system will affect the lubricating oil, so it should be replaced regularly.


1. Cabinet type, easy to move and operate.

2. Dynamic recycle cleaning engine lubrication system.

3. It has a pre-lubrication function inside the engine.

4. External large window for clear cleaning effect

5. Automatic identification of positive and negative power supply


1.How does the device work?

The equipment is connected to the machine. The main pollutants of the lubrication system can be softened, decomposed and diluted by circulating cleaning, and these pollutants are excluded from the body by blowing out by pressure.

2.Where is the sludge discharged from the cleaning?

Follow the old oil and do not stay in the engine.

3.How to use it to maintain the vehicle?

After the engine has been used for a period of time, the cleaned engine performs better.