Brake Fluid Flush Vacuum Bleeder 150 Rated Power For Brake System flushing

Group Brake System Flush Machine
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Update Time 2019-06-26
Item specifics
Product nameBrake Flush machine
ApplicationCar brake system
Usagebrake fluid changing
VoltageDC 12V
CertificatesCE, Rosh
Warranty12 months

Brake Fluid Flush Vacuum Bleeder 150 Rated Power For Brake System flushing


When changing seasons, especially in winter, if the brake effect is found to be degraded, it may be that the brake oil level does not adapt to the winter climate. In this case, to replace the new brake oil, it is necessary to choose a brake oil with a low viscosity at low temperature.

When the brake oil is mixed or inhaled, or if the brake oil is found to have impurities or sediment, it should be replaced or carefully filtered in time, otherwise the brake pressure will be insufficient, which will affect the braking effect.


Pressure gauge


Vacuum gauge


New drum


Old drum






Net weight





1 Year


1. Fill with electric pump to avoid new liquid doping.

2. Imported corrosion-resistant tubing, beautiful, durable and easy to move.

3. Applicable to models in Europe, America, and Asia.

4. Effectively solve the problem of time and effort in manually replacing the brake fluid.

5. Improve the performance of the brake system.

6. Extend the life of the brake system.


1.What is the biggest feature of ABS201?

High-precision oil change to avoid air entering the brake system.

2.What is the main function of ABS201?

Automatic new and old oil exchange, quantitatively adding new oil, quantitatively recovering old oil, and automatically emptying old and new oil drums

3.Why do we need to change the brake fluid?

When the car brakes for a long time, the temperature of the brake system rises, the brake pipe is prone to generate air resistance, and the air is compressed, thereby causing a decrease in braking force or a failure of braking. Therefore, for your driving safety, the brake fluid must be replaced regularly.

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