Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning HHO Machine Decarbonizing Diesel Engine Cleaner

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Update Time 2020-03-30
Item specifics
NameHHO Cleaning Machine
Warranty1 Year
Gas production2000L/h(adjustable)

Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning HHO Machine Decarbonizing Diesel Engine Cleaner


Hydrogen engine carbon cleaning machine belongs to the water welder, which is mainly used for cleaning the carbon deposit in the combustion chamber of engines. Compared with the traditional method(Take the engine parts down and using the cleaning agent to clean the carbon), it is more convenient. The whole process of cleaning carbon only needs 20 minutes.



HHO cleaning machine



Main function

Carbon clean

Rated voltage

AC 220/380V

Rated power

<5 KW

Gas output


Water consumption




Why carbon cleaning:

The following issues will cause carbon deposits increased in the engine: incomplete combustion, poor oil quality, bad driving habit, low speed driving for a long time, poor air quality and so on. The carbon deposit causes ‘engine trembling, cold start failure, driving weakness, fuel oil consumption increased, exhaust emissions exceeded the standard’ and other failure. Finally it will heavily effect the vehicle performance, resulting in 90% of the engine component failures, the fuel consumption increased, excessive exhaust emission, shorten the lifetime of engine and other relative accessories.

Using steps: 

1. Continuously decompose hydrogen and oxygen from water by electrolysis.

2. Hydrogen is a kind of fuel and Oxygen plays a role as combustion aid. In the engine running conditions, hydrogen and oxygen fuel coming into the engine room, with air and other vehicle fuel (oil or gas) burning together. Hydrogen and oxygen’s combustion will produce high temperature steam. Hot water vapor is known to soften hard carbon deposits, softening a thin layer of carbon each cycle. The softening of carbon deposition occurs at this stage of the engine's work. (Carbon deposition softening process)

3. At the same time, hydrogen is also a kind of catalyst. Hydrogen with air coming into the engine. In the process of compressing, due to the hydrogen molecular is very light, it spread everywhere in combustion chamber. At the same time, hydrogen molecule is very small, which is able to move quickly to the inside of carbon deposition to soften carbon deposition. With hydrogenation, non-combustible carbon changes into a combustible carbon deposition. (Carbon deposition modification process)

4. After the carbon deposition modified in the last cycle, it is burned off in the next combustion process, and carbon dioxide is produced and discharged out of the car.


1. Can I use ordinary tap water? 

---No, you should only use distilled or deionised water, never tap water or mineral water which could fur up the plates and reduce output.

2. Do I need electrolyte and where can I buy it?

---We use potassium hydroxide flake. A starter amount is provided, more can be bought in HDPE tubs from chemical suppliers on eBay.

3. Besides supplying HHO to the air intake, is there anything else I should do when carbon cleaning?

---Ensure the engine is warm before you start, dab the throttle to rev the engine every few minutes to help carry the loosened particles out. 

4. If it HHO burns to produce water wont that harm my engine? 

---No because the temperatures are too high to allow condensation of the vapour and water vapour is a normal product of combustion anyway, so engines are designed to handle it. It passes out safely as high temperature steam.

5. Do you provide an operating manual?  

---Yes, these are forwarded to our customers as PDF files.

6. Can you supply the units unbranded so I can add my own logo?

---Yes just specify the LOGO, we can print on machine .