Best Quality For Transmission Fluid Equipment For Oil Change Transmission Flush

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Update Time 2019-07-15
Item specifics
Product nametransmission fluid exchange machine
Model numberATF8100
ApplificationAuto gearbox
UsageGearbox fluid exchanging
Power150 W
Input voltageDC 12V
Gross Weight50 KG
Warranty1 Year

The automatic transmission oil change machine on the market cannot accurately control the accuracy of equal exchange of the transmission oil in the process of changing the oil. Instead, the accuracy of equal exchange of the transmission oil is manually adjusted through the control of the inlet and outlet valves of the oil change machine. If the manual control is improper, the oil can be overfilled or inadequate which might cause damage to the gearbox. The automatic transmission failure caused by overfilling or under filling of oil is common.

So our company has newly developed an automatic transmission intelligent oil change machine.


1. Automatic filling of automatic transmission oil function.

2. Automatically reduce the automatic transmission oil function.

3. Visual display the radiator oil pressure of gearbox.

4. LCD display, user-friendly operation, convenient and practical.

5. Use the fifth-generation computer board with more stable performance.




Maximum power


Oil drum


Oil tube

2.5 m



Package dimension


Compared with traditional methods:



Auto Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine

 Gravity fluid exchange


20-30 minutes

60-90 minutes


Exchange 98% old oil

Exchange 38% old oil


Flush and fluid exchange available

Only fluid exchange


Oil, cleaning fees

Oil, labor,cleaning fees

1. Replace 99% of the old oil and filter out the metal impurities and sludge in the internal oil circuit of the machine.

2. Improve driving comfort and safety of the car

3. Can reduce the maintenance cost of the gearbox

4. The most important point is to extend the life of the gearbox.

Operation Notice

1) It is PROHIBITED to add automatic transmission oil or protective agent from the filler port when the machine is running.

2) The used oil tank and new oil tanks of the machine must KEEP EMPTY without any oil when the machine is kept for storage. After the machine completes its work, the used oil should be discharged to other containers or drained immediately.

3) When the machine is running, place the machine in a horizontal place to ensure that the machine will pump all the oil in the tank.

4) Except for emergency situations, please DO NOT TURN OFF the engine and restart the machine in the process of equal exchange of transmission oil. This is to prevent the restart of the engine from affecting the accuracy of equal exchange.

5) The professional operator must monitor the oil change process closely.