Auto Gear Oil Exchange Machine For Transmission Flush Or Fluid Exchange

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Update Time 2019-08-21
Item specifics
Product nametransmission fluid exchange machine
Model numberATF8100
ApplificationAuto gearbox
UsageGearbox fluid exchanging
Power150 W
Input voltageDC 12V
Gross Weight50 KG
Warranty1 Year

Auto Gear Oil Exchange Machine For Transmission Flush Or Drain


The traditional method of replacing the transmission oil is to use gravity to discharge the waste oil, but the oil in the gearbox cannot be completely drained by gravity, and the used oil will remain in the valve body, the cooling pipe and various components. Direct addition of new oil will be contaminated by used oil, and the automatic transmission oil changer solves this problem.

Working principle:

The automatic gearbox cleaning equal oil changer uses two gravity sensors to weigh the weight of new and old oils, and then calculates the flow rate of new and old oils according to the unit time, first calculates the flow rate of the old oil, and then according to The flow rate of the old oil is adjusted by the computer chip to adjust the speed of the oil pump with the new oil, and the flow rate equal to that of the old oil is obtained. 




Working pressure

0-1.6 Mpa

Filter accuracy


Gross weight


Maximum power


Oil drum


Oil tube

2.5 m


Widely used in various types of cars in the market. The automatic transmission oil changer is equipped with automatic cleaning and replacement functions. Optional connectors cover 99% of models on the market, including CVT, ATF VI, DSG and DCG.

Customer service

1. Provide a promotion plan for the customer market

2. Free training for technicians

3. Can provide OEM / ODM and other services

4. One year warranty, lifetime maintenance

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