Engine Decarbonizing Oxyhydrogen Generator Auto HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine

Group HHO Carbon Cleaner
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Update Time 2020-03-30
Item specifics
ApplicationAuto engines
UsageCar Care
Warranty1 Year
Gas production2000L/h(adjustable)

Engine Decarbonizing Oxyhydrogen Generator Auto HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine

Product Introduction:

As the long time driving, the car engine performance will be worst and worst for the carbon deposit increased in the engine system. This machine can help solve the problem and make good car performance like before. HHO Carbon Cleaner is a machine that can remove the internal carbon in the engine without using the chemical cleaning agent. There is Hydrogen generator for produce the mixture gases consist of Hydrogen and Oxygen(with a little steam), which will be sent into the engine part. And then the carbon deposit will be melted by the high temperature caused by the combustion.

Product Technical Data:

Model Number



AC 220/380V



Rated Power


Gas Output

2000L/h ±10%

Working Pressure

0.2 Mpa





Package Dimension


Ambient temperature range


Production Advantages:

1. By only connecting with intake pipe, without removing any parts from engine, it won't damage grease sea, gasket or engine, nor will it spoil engine oil (maintenance free, no need to change engine oil).

2. Decrease the exhaust emissions of harmful gases up to 60%.

3. A wide scope for vehicles: cars, SUV, Business cars, buses, trucks, etc.

4. It can clean engine parts like intake, injector, DPF, spark plug, etc.

5. Improve cars' performance, increase 20% engine power and decrease 72% pollution.

HHO working principle:

1. There is a built-in hydrogen generator in SH2.0 carbon cleaning machine. When it works, it will generate the mixture gas of Hydrogen and Oxygen and some steams with electrolytes.

2. The hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the water are extracted by electrolysis to form a hydrogen-oxygen mixed gas stream, which is input into the engine combustion chamber via the engine intake manifold.

3. After the Brown gas fills the engine combustion chamber, the ignition is ignited and the hydrogen-oxygen catalytic principle is applied (at the high-temperature combustion process). It can produce active atoms such as O, H and OH, on the one hand, it can promote the high temperature cracking of medium and long hydrocarbon chains in gasoline, and accelerate the oxidation reaction.)

4. The principle of oxyfuel combustion (wax and colloid in gasoline are not pure) The material is also composed of a long hydrocarbon chain or an ultra-long hydrocarbon chain. Active atoms such as O, H and OH can also accelerate its cracking, and finally remove carbon deposits.

5. The Brown gas characteristics such as the principle of water and hydrogen circulation are comprehensive for engine carbon deposition. Completely remove and restore the power of the car, and will not cause any damage to the engine, avoiding the shortage of traditional chemical decarburizer.

Daily maintenance of carbon cleaning machine:

1. The carbon removal machine should be placed indoors for work, and it is strictly forbidden to be placed in the outdoor rainwater to cause equipment damage.

2. When the ambient temperature in winter is below -10 °C, the electrolyte must be drained.

3. The carbon removal machine is recommended to perform an electrolyte replacement after half a year of operation.

4. Circuit and pipeline inspections shall be conducted every six months.

5. Replace the filter element every three months, and drain the condensate tank every ten times.

Quality assurance:

1. There is a professional person to check every process of the core part of the machine.

2. All the machines are tested before exporting to other countries.

3. We have our own factory to produce the material.