Red Engine Lubricant Oil Change Flush Machine With Contrastive Window

Group lubricant system flush machine
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2020-03-31
Item specifics
VoltageDC 12V
Gross weight40kg
Warranty12 months
CeartificatesCE, Rosh

Red Engine Lubricant Oil Change Flush Machine With Contrastive Window


1. Cabinet type, easy to move and operate.

2. Dynamic recycle cleaning engine lubrication system.

3. Pressurized flush the remaining waste oil to make sure thoroughly cleaning.

4. Power source is compressed air, economic and stable.

5. Transparent measuring cup can display the volume and the color and the volume of waste oil .



According to the vehicle engine maintenance regulations, when the car is driving for a certain period of time or a certain number of kilometers, it should be cleaned and the internal oil circuit should be cleaned.

Due to the high temperature generated by the high-speed operation of the machine, sludge, colloid, and the like are easily generated. Failure to replace the used oil in a timely manner may result in abnormal or malfunction of the engine or even an accident.




Pressure gauge


Filter accuracy




Oil tube



1 Year



When do you change the lubricant?

All oils have a shelf life, and lubricants are no exception. It is best to change the oil when the new car and the newly repaired vehicle are about 2,500 km, which will help to better remove the metal debris generated by the engine during the running-in period. General mineral oil or semi-synthetic lubricating oil, the replacement cycle is 5000-7500 km, and the total synthesis is 8000-10000 km. The oil filter is usually replaced at the same time as the oil is changed, because the oil filter has been contaminated with impurities for a long time.

Premature oil change can cause unnecessary waste, and prolonged oil change timing can cause early engine wear and carbon deposition, and the oil will be gradually oxidized and fail.

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