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Group HHO Carbon Cleaner
Min. Order 1 set
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Update Time 2020-04-10
Item specifics
ApplicationAll Vehicles
UsageCarbon Clean
Warranty1 Year
Gas production2000L/h(adjustable)
Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine
The working principle of the engine carbon cleaning machine:  first ,engine carbon cleaning machine decomposes water into hydrogen and oxygen, and then engine carbon cleaning machine sends the hydrogen and oxygen into the car engine through the car air inlet. After the gasoline and air of the car engine are mixed, the carbon deposits inside the engine will be removed during the combustion process. In addition, no harmful substances are generated in the process of removing carbon, and no other additives are needed.Therefore, using an engine carbon cleaning machine to remove carbon from a car is currently the most environmentally friendly method in the world.

Engine carbon cleaning machine is effcitive  on carbon removal and it's easy to operate. It is popular in many auto repair shops, car maintenance centers and auto 4S shops all over the world.

The main cause of most car breakdowns:Carbon deposits
Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine:
Extend engine life;
Reduce exhaust gas;
Remove carbon deposits on all vehicle models;
Prevents expensive engine parts from being worn, such as EGR valves, DPF, spark plugs, valves, injectors, etc.;
Reduces intermittent acceleration interruptions and engine noise;
Convenient vehicle inspection of pollution levels (smoke test).
Engine Carbon Cleaning Parts
Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine Before And After 
Why Choose Zeayeto Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine?
1. Our engine carbon cleaning machine  and parts are strictly inspected and tested.
2. Our engine carbon cleaning machine have passed CE, FCC and other certifications.
3. Our engine carbon cleaning machine  we export are tested repeatedly before export.
4. We can provide the OEM & ODM services if  you need it.
Benefits Of Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine

This type of engine carbon cleaning machine has a good effect on removing carbon . It is easy to operate and widely used. Also favored by more than 7,000 auto repair shops, auto 4S shops and transportation fleets in 58 countries. Moreover, the engine carbon cleaning mechine can bring them considerable economic benefits. For example, they can use engine carbon cleaning machine to remove carbon deposits for car engines, each car can earn about 80-150 dollars, at the same time, they use this engine carbon cleaning machine to clear a car only in 20 minutes.

Advantages Of Engine Carbon Cleanig Machine
1. Just 20 minutes simple operation of engine carbon cleaning machine

2. 100% guarantee cleaning effect and customer satisfaction

3. 1 unit of SH2.0 for cleaning gasoline and diesel vehicles

4. 1 unit of SH2.0 can be applied to 1000cc-10000cc cars, SUV, trucks, etc.

5. Can clean all engine parts, including DPF, catalytic converter, EGR, etc.

6. Can be placed on a mobile van or truck to provide mobile cleaning services.

7. Designed with multiple safety assurance devices, 100% guarantee that there are no operating accidents.

· Basic operation guidance

· Provide specifications

· 1.5 years warranty

· Professional website building;

· Do advertisement through: Exhibition, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Made in China,  etc.

· Especially advertisement focus on your local city or country

· Forward all the new inquiries and sell only through Distributor.

· Successful case: offer the successful business model, which is including the business way, business video and etc;

· Free advertising material, including catalogues, posters, poster display, even video design;

· Technical training or supports for maintenance;

· Maintenance machine offered freely.

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