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Is engine cleaning oil useful?

Engine cleaning oil is often used to clean the lubrication system. It is a kind of car maintenance used to clean the engine's internal sludge, carbon deposits, colloids and other harmful substances, keep the engine clean, enhance the fluidity of the oil, reduce wear and extend the service life of the engine Supplies.Generally, add the cleaning oil after the old oil is drained, and run the engine for a few minutes at idle speed before putting clean cleaning oil, and then add new oil, and the remaining cleaning oil can be mixed with the new oil. The engine cleaning oil can indeed remove a part of the oil scale, and it has a certain effect on the removal of carbon deposits.

What is a DPF filter?

Since diesel engines burn fuel differently from gasoline engines, a large amount of soot is produced as a by-product of the combustion process. This wonderful, almost invisible substance can cause major health problems in the environment; DPF's job is to destroy it before it can happen.The full name of DPF is "Diesel Particulate Filter", which literally translates to "Diesel Particulate Filter", also called Diesel Particulate Capture Regenerator. It is a device that can reduce particulate matter (PM) emissions in the exhaust. During the operation of the collector, particles will accumulate in the filter. When it reaches a certain value, it will cause the engine's power and economic performance to decline. It must be removed in time to ensure that the DPF continues to work normally. So-called DPF regeneration.

What are hatchbacks and sedan cars?

A hatchback is a vehicle in which the cab and the trunk are combined into one and the engine is placed separately. From the exterior is a two-part vehicle (engine compartment and seat box). In terms of appearance, the sedan is composed of three parts—the engine compartment, the seat compartment, and the trunk.Compared with the sedan, the advantage of the hatchback is that the interior space is relatively large, but the trunk is quite small. Hatchbacks on the market today are more common in small and compact cars. Sedans are more common in Santana, Audi and Jetta. The sedan is a symmetrical shape from the side, with the sides low and the center high. The engine compartment and trunk are relatively low, and the middle high part is the seat box part. The advantage is that the overall shape is more beautiful. If the car is in an accident, the trunk can reduce the injury of the owner to a certain extent. The disadvantage is that parking is not convenient in congested cities.

What is "idle speed"?

Idle state refers to a working condition when the engine is idling. When the engine is running, if the accelerator pedal is fully released, the engine is at idle.The speed at which the engine is idling is called the idling speed, which is the minimum speed at which the engine can run normally when there is no work. Idle speed can be adjusted by adjusting the size of the damper. Generally speaking, the idle speed is the best when the engine is not shaking.

The culprit of automatic transmission fuel consumption

The main culprit of automatic transmission fuel consumption is the loss of capacity caused by the torque converterIn the early days, the shift logic chaos due to a predetermined level and fuel consumption was increased. However, with the development of technology, the shift logic is basically no problem, and the torque converter is the culprit of fuel consumption. With the advent of dual-clutch transmissions and cvt gearboxes using steel belts, manual transmissions do not have much advantage in terms of fuel consumption.

3 simple ways to maintain your car battery, at least 1 year

1, Regular chargingCars often drive short distances, which can cause the car battery to be undercharged for a long time and shorten the service life. It is recommended that every rider drive a long way at regular intervals, such as 20-30 minutes on the highway, to fully charge the car battery.2, Park for a long time, remove the battery negativeAvoid long-term parking. If you need to park for a long time, it is recommended to remove the battery negative to reduce battery loss.3, Get rid of the bad habit of hurting the batteryEvery time you start the car, the time should not exceed 5 seconds. Continuous start is required, and the interval between the two is longer, preferably 10-15 seconds.Click here to know more knowledge!

Here is The Car Maintenance Knowledge You Want to Know

The following error maintenance methods are equivalent to destroying the car:First, the waxing methodMany people habitually wax the body in a circle, which is not the right way. The correct way to wax is to use a straight line, alternating horizontal and vertical lines, and then waxing in the direction of rain. This will reduce the concentric circular aura on the painted surface.Second, too much engine oilWhen the oil in the engine oil sump is insufficient, the friction between the bearing and the journal will be aggravated, and even the burning shaft accident will be caused. At the same time, if there is too much oil, the crankshaft handle will produce strong agitation when the engine is working, which not only increases the internal power loss of the engine, but also increases the oil splashed on the cylinder wall, causing the engine oil failure.Therefore, the oil in the engine oil sump should be controlled between the oil slick and the lower scribe line.Third, do not charge new batteriesThe secondary charging that shortens the life of the battery is called initial charging, and the initial charging has a great influence on the service life of the battery. If you do not charge, add "water" to use directly, the capacity of the battery is not large, and the life will be shortened; if it is directly charged, it will shorten the life. Usually, the initial charge of the battery is installed after the filling of the electrolyte, and charging with a small current for about 1 hour.

5 Fuel Cars of The 6 Cars Sold Before 2020

According to research, before the year 2020, there were 5 fuel vehicles in every 6 models sold. In order to comply with the fuel economy regulations before 2020, it is necessary to focus on the monitoring of automotive fuel. Promote the way of car travel with the theme of energy saving and environmental protection. The hho carbon cleaner machine that came into being has made a great contribution to this. The car is decarbonized by the characteristics of hydrogen and oxygen gas, saving fuel and environmental protection without pollution. Actively respond to this policy.

Increase in Car Aftermarket Share

In 2019, with the footsteps of the Internet and the automobile, the automobile aftermarket gradually showed a situation of “hundred flowers”.This trillion-level consumer market has ushered in the enclosure of traditional car companies and Internet giants. Traditional host manufacturers have achieved the coverage of the pre-market to the post-market through the opening of auto maintenance chain stores. BAT has gradually expanded to the after-market services of automotive products through e-commerce products in the automotive sector. More relevant industry data shows that the online penetration rate of the automotive aftermarket has reached 16.0% last year. This shows that the automotive aftermarket has great potential for development. In particular, car maintenance equipment, such as engine carbon cleaning machines, oil flush machine, and other automatic cleaning and testing equipment are more popular.

Why Engine Makes Noise ?

The car engine noise not only makes the driver feel annoyed, but also may be a precursor to the car's problems. 1. Cold startThe engine will vibrate and produce a "beep" noise when the car starts after parked for a long time. Because the lubricant basically flows to the oil sump after parking for a long time, the oil pump can not establish the oil pressure immediately when the cold car starts, especially the valve inside the cylinder head , which is not enough lubricated. The hydraulic tappet and the mechanical rocker arm failed to work properly, causing a squeaking sound.Solution: The noise is normal under this situation. When the engine is started for a while, it will work normally and there will be no more noise. 2. Poor engine oil conditionEngine oil is an important component of engine lubrication. When the oil is in trouble, it will affect the working condition of the engine. When the viscosity of the oil is too high and the lubrication is deteriorated, it is easy to cause friction during the operation of the engine, thereby generating noise.Solution: Faced with this situation, you only need to flush and replace the engine oil.  3. Belt tightnessWhen the engine belt is not tight enough, the engine will produce sharp noise during work, which seriously affects the driver's driving experience.Solution: Faced with this situation, it can avoid noise adjusting the tightness of the engine belt. 4. Intake and exhaust pipe leaksIF there is a leak in the intake and exhaust pipe, the gas leaks from the leak, it will cause vibration and noise when the engine is startedSolution: Faced with this situation, it is necessary to check the intake and exhaust pipe, and replace the intake and exhaust pipes to avoid noise. 5. Poor fuel qualityWhen poor quality fuel is used, the combustion inside the engine will be worse, causing the engine to vibrate and make noise.Solution: Faced with this situation, you can avoid noise by replacing the better quality fuel with higher number. 6 . Engine abnormal noiseThe engine can not be fixed when engine under guard plate screws are loose, and it will shake vigorously during work, generating noise. This is a relatively common glitch, tighten or adjust the engine under guard plate screws can fix it.The engine jaw pad is aged. The claw pad plays the role of supporting the engine. When it is aged, it can't play normal work. At this time, it can't be repaired, only the new claw pad can be replaced.Engine "tempering" failure. When the engine's valve carbon is accumulated too much or the timing is not adjusted properly, the engine will have a "beep" sound. At this time, the valve carbon is cleaned and the valve timing is adjusted. These are the main reasons for the high noise of the engine and possible solutions. When there is a problem with the car, it is recommended that the owner solve the problem immediately, so as not to accumulate a large fault. It is not only unsafe to drive, but also uncomfortable.

My car has been using fuel additives, but also used to remove carbon?

The additive only increases the octane rating of the fuel and has no carbon removal effect. Moreover, the additive is added with aluminum powder, which tends to cause coking of the fuel, increases the operating temperature, accelerates the wear of the engine, and easily corrodes the rubber piping of the engine. This shows that engine carbon removal is essential. 

Can you offer OEM service for hydrogen engine cleaning machine?

Yes, we can. Because we own our factory, you just offer your logo and we will manufacture the machine with your logo. And you can do your own brand business in your country. Welcome to contact us for more details about it.

How does antifreeze differ from engine coolant?

Engine coolant is a generic term used to describe fluids that remove heat from an engine and prevent it from freezing in the winter. There are also antifreeze products intended only to provide freeze protection for RVs, boats, and idle equipment. These are not suitable for use in engines or heat transfer systems.

Can you manufacture products by the sample?

Sure, we provide OEM and ODM service, if you want to manufacture your own brand products, we will do that for you.