KOH Electrolytes For HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine
KOH Electrolytes For HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine

Item specifics

Product Name
Combustion chamber cleaner
Car maintenance



KOH Electrolytes For HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine 

What’s HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent?

1. Electrolytes for generating H2 and O2.
2. 120ml packed in a bottle, 1 bottle for 1 car cleaning.
3. Slight corrosive, non-flammable, 100% safe.
4. Used for enhancing carbon cleaning effect, protecting engine parts and extending the engine life.
5. The cleaner agent can form a protective layer on the surface of engine combustion chamber, to prevent carbon depositing again.
6. Can be shipped by sea.


1. Only used for hho Carbon Cleaning Machine.
2. Engine parts carbon cleaning.
3. Clean special parts, e.g. DPF/FAP filter, three way catalytic converter, EGR, etc.
4. Maintain engine parts and prolong engine lifetime.


Slightly corrosive, non-flammable, non-toxic, 100% safe liquid


50 bottles per box, 6 boxes pack in a carton.

Delivery Detail

Delivery within 15 days after payment


1. Pour HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent into the electrolytic tank. When carbon cleaning machine starts to work, adjusting the liquid flow and keeping it be finished in 20 minutes.
2. One bottle cleans one car. Truck or heavy vehicle will be needed two bottles.
3. HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent contains carbon crystal, please shake bottles before use.


1. Do not drink. Once drinking, please go for medical treatment immediately.
2. Keep out of reach of children.