OEM Trans Flush Kit For Automatic Transmission Flush Or Fluid Exchange
OEM Trans Flush Kit For Automatic Transmission Flush Or Fluid Exchange
OEM Trans Flush Kit For Automatic Transmission Flush Or Fluid Exchange
OEM Trans Flush Kit For Automatic Transmission Flush Or Fluid Exchange

Item specifics

Product name
transmission fluid exchange machine
Model number
Auto gearbox
Gearbox fluid exchanging
150 W
Input voltage
DC 12V
Gross Weight
50 KG
1 Year



OEM Trans Flush Kit For Automatic Transmission Flush Or Fluid Exchange


The structure of the ATF machine is very compact and complex. If you use the traditional method, you can only exchange 1/3 of the used oil. Metal scrap, sludge and other impurities remain in the gearbox. When new oil is added, it will cause secondary pollution. The contaminated oil will slow down the gearbox, the gear will vibrate, and then the overheating and fuel consumption will be abnormal. If this phenomenon is ignored, the gearbox will be severely damaged.

The ATF machine can complete the gearbox, hydraulic converter and gearbox radiator in 20 minutes. It can not only completely remove metal scrap, sludge, but also make the oil change rate close to 100%, ensuring that the gearbox is always the same new.


1. Oil Filling Port       

2. Pressure Gauge

3. Watching Window of Old Oil  

4. Watching Window Of New Oil   

5. Old Oil Tank     

6. New Oil Tank

7. Power Switch               

8. Power Lamp  

9. Fuse

10. External Oil Joint      

11. Filter                     

12. Oil Discharging Port

13. Oil Return Hose   




Working pressure

0-1.6 Mpa

Filter accuracy


Gross weight


Maximum power


Oil drum





Red, blue

Why do we use ATF machines?

The new generation of ATF machines is designed according to the world's most advanced and advanced technology. Its internal structure is complex. The machine combines the recovery of the gearbox, the cooling and the output pressure of the machine to add new oil while discharging the old oil.

The equal exchange in this way enables the new and old oils to be synchronized, which not only ensures high efficiency in the exchange process, but also ensures safety. At the same time, the machine adopts adjustable pressure design, which can adjust the required pressure according to different models and simplify operation.


1. using cabinet design, easy to move, reasonable structure, easy to operate.

2. use the quick connector to connect with the gearbox to avoid the problem of joint mismatch

3. with adjustable pressure design to ensure that it can work in different models of vehicles.

4. cycle cleaning function to ensure more complete maintenance.


1. Multifunctional : It can clean and exchange at same time

2. Useful : Improve cars' performance, oil consumption will be reduced, and 20% of power improved

3. Effective : Obvious effects after exchange the oil , and satisfied customers 100%

4. Safe : Guarantee 100% safety for using the machine

5. Harmless : There do no harm to transmission system

Daily maintenance of the automatic transmission flush machine:

1. The oil changer should be placed indoors, and it is strictly forbidden to be placed in outdoor rainwater, resulting in equipment damage.

2. The machine is equipped with an organic oil filter. It is recommended to replace one for every ten times.

3. Circuit and pipeline inspections should be performed every six months.

4. If gearbox cleaning is performed, it is recommended to use the cleaning agent recommended by the company to avoid damage to each oil valve, rubber seal, etc.

Safety Instructions

1. The machine should be placed straight up and please do not upside down or sideways the machine.

2. When use the machine to change oil for the vehicle, the operator must monitor the running status of the machine in real time so as to avoid damage to the transmission caused by the malfunction of the machine.

3. When replace the automatic transmission oil, it must be operated by a professional operator. During operation, the professional operator must pay attention to the operation of the machine. The quality of the selected automatic transmission oil must meet the requirements stated in the operated vehicle’s maintenance manual